Randy Spitzer on the issues
  • Support lower property and sales tax for middle-class people
  • Work to fully fund education and end the excessive focus on standardized testing
  • End the “quick-fix” transportation solutions of Olympia and make sound long-term transportation investments
  • Protect our environment and parks


“My opponent says she wants to be “smart with taxpayers’ dollars”
…but that’s really saying she’s okay with our current system of
over-taxing seniors and the middle class.”


Lowering taxes for the middle class, seniors, and businesses
Property tax and sales tax put an unfair burden on middle-income individuals and especially our seniors. Some pay as much as 18% of their income in taxes and fees. Meanwhile, high income individuals – earning more than $500,000 – pay as little as 2% of their income in taxes. That’s why I support lowering property tax and sales tax.

The Business and Occupation Tax (otherwise known as the B&O Tax) taxes business on their sales, not profit. I support raising the exemption for businesses to $250,000 of sales. This would remove 70% of our small and mid-sized businesses from paying this tax while reducing revenue very little.  We can more than make for this small loss of revenue, by cutting tax loopholes that allow several entire industries to not pay the B&O tax.

“Almost all families in our community struggled to make ends meet during the Great Recession. Although some of us are back on our feet now, unfortunately many are still struggling. I will stand up for them and for our kids, because our current Representative clearly does not.”


Cost-effective Transportation

Our transportation system can be improved and it can be more cost effective.  This starts with publicly identifying waste and efficiencies, getting top Department of Transportation management out of the way, and giving our state workers the freedom and responsibility to fix our system.


We can also save money with better long-term planning. When our State makes capital investments we should purchase the most efficient systems and machinery. Taxpayers pay an overwhelming amount of money on operations cost such as fuel and labor. We need to stop wasteful quick fixes, and invest in systems and machinery that use less fuel and need less labor —which means lower taxes in the long run.


“It’s embarrassing that the legislature is being held in contempt of court and fined $100,000 per day because legislators like my opponent refuse to fully fund education. Meanwhile, folks back home continue to pay into a tax system that puts the burden on lower-income individuals and on the middle class.”


Years have passed since our Supreme Court ruled the Legislature wasn’t meeting its constitutional duty to fully fund our schools. They didn’t comply, and now the Legislature is being held in contempt and fined $100,000 a day. That’s embarrassing.

In addition to not funding our schools, we are wasting millions of dollars on statewide standardized testing. While these tests have proven to be lucrative for the test companies, they have failed to deliver the academic achievement results we were promised. Further, other well-intended legislative education reforms have actually reduced time for teachers to teach and for students to learn. Graduation rates have not improved, and dropout rates continue to remain high. Not surprisingly, we have significant shortages of teachers and substitutes across the state. I will vote to streamline testing and evaluation to empower teachers to do what they do best.  Meanwhile I’ll work to fix our broken tax system to increase funding for education while reducing the burden on the middle class.


Mental Health

We are clearly failing to provide adequate mental health services in this state. In doing so, we are shifting the burden onto law enforcement. Police and sheriff departments are spending an inordinate amount of their time and resources on this population. Our jails are not the appropriate place to provide mental health services. This approach is both expensive and ineffective. Moreover, if you’ve been following the news, you know we have serious problems at Western State Hospital; we’re on the verge of losing Federal funding. Simply put, we need to increase state funding for mental health services.  Doing so now will reduce costs long-term for taxpayers by clearing our courts and jails of mentally ill patients in need of help.


Protecting our Environment

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to keep our water clean and safe and to protect the beauty of our parks and open spaces. Besides, protecting our environment is good for our economy. I support state incentives for projects such as solar power that create jobs, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and create renewable and dependable power for decades to come.



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